Returning to Clubhausia

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since the last battle of the Great Ruislip War. Lytera gained and lost new neighbours, and in the end, stood alone amongst the ruins. Once such area to end up in ruins was Clubhaus, the capital and namesake of Clubhausia. In the waning days of the war, before the seize fire that would last an entire year, the capital of the former democracy and new capital of the now defunct Lorentia came under heavy fire from Fizona and the other warlords vying for power over Stonefield Park.

The capital of the nation was left in a state of ruin. The hedges that acted as it’s walls were smashed through, trees felled, and the ground, once covered with salvaged cardboard became a marshy hell. Even at the time of the treaty on the same day as the Battle of Bourne one year later, it still remained in it’s decayed state.

As Lorentia and Fizona collapsed less then a year after these talks, the area was left to rot. Nobody moved into the ruins, and they faded out of public memory until recently.

On the 4th of July, King Alexander I decided to pay a visit to the park, to see the state of the ruins. To his surprise, the carnage of war had healed significantly. The land was still uneven and damaged, but it was green again. However, the obvious decay to the outer structure was plain to see. The damaged hedges had been completely torn down, leaving many of the former Clubhaus inner sanctums to no longer exist. Only the central chamber and Storage room remained.

The hole to the central chamber, where King Alexander and John of Lorentia, both at the time members of the nation, once helped to pull a tree down to serve as a bench has grown. The fallen tree is gone, only plant life remains. The names of the founders that were sketched into a wall have faded and collapsed, however, the names were still partially visible.

As of 04/07/19, The Ruins of Clubhaus have been officially declared a Lyteran Site of Cultural Significance. Due to the size and damage to the area, Clubhaus will henceforth be considered a territory of Lytera. The King has decided to not include the former areas that have collapsed as part of the new territory, so only the central chamber and storeroom have been added to Lytera’s size. This therefore means the overall nations size is now 1093 meters squared.

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