Lytera votes to leave the OAM & New Ambassador

The vote on Friday ended in a crushing, but predicable outcome on Lyteran OAM membership. With a huge majority of the eligible Lyteran Population voting to leave the organisation.

19/28 voted to Leave (67%)
6/28 voted to Stay (21%)

Of the remaining three people, two votes were invalid, as the form wasn’t filled in correctly, while the remaining one was our own King, who declined to vote, wanting the country to pick membership status or not.

This vote comes a mere week after the previous membership vote, in which Remain won by a slight margin, however, many people didn’t vote, and the snap decision of restriction of membership on other organisations seemed to sway them to the leave side. While this rule was later revoked by the OAM, the damage was done.

Duke Matthew, main sponsor for the Leave campaign, said “This is a great victory for Lytera. Our freedoms will not be blocked again by this meme of an organisation.”

King Alexander declined to comment, but word from the government states that if the people were to wish to rejoin the OAM at a later date, that the government would consider it.

In other news, Krishna Mohan has been made the official Lyteran Ambassador to India, and will now be referred to as Botschafter Mohan. As of this post, the embassy has not received a name.

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