King denounces Turkey and the USA in a surprise announcement

King Alexander made a unannounced speech to the capital on Friday evening. In the speech, the king talked of the “shocking act” of the Turkish advancement into Syria, and the fact the USA is sitting by and letting it happen. He stated:

“While the Syrian government isn’t the best, need I remind you of how much worse countries have become after civil wars? Look at Libya, or Iraq, and you’ll see the situation there is far worse then before. This invasion is only to kill Kurds, who Turkey has openly stated it dislikes, for years. Russia and Syria have almost wiped out ISIS, yet this attack has led to many ISIS members escaping prison. If Turkey revives ISIS, how will that stabilise the region?”

He went on to praise Norway and the Netherlands, two fellow NATO members alongside Turkey, for their suspension of arms exports.

“The middle east needs change, but change cannot come through violence. It only makes things worse. I hope in the future the region is peaceful, but for now, we can only watch as nations battle over oil while the people suffer.”

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