Baknsburg becomes latest acquisition

The former Crown Dependency of Darin was yesterday annexed by Lytera as the Town of Baknsburg. It comes as part of a process to incorporate crown dependencies (Areas inhabited by the Royal Family but not in Lytera properly) which began in 2019 as part of the First Five Year Plan of the Rising Sun Initiative.

Planned to be ready in May, Countess Sheila’s speed at preparing Baknsburg meant that it was ready far sooner then planned, and it was fully annexed on the 28th, with her losing the title of Lady, as it was to only be used for non-heirs with a seat representing a crown dependency, and being given the title of Countess, which is a higher peerage title in Lytera then Lady.

The Crown Dependency had existed since 2014. While not directly involved in Lytera during the beginning, Countess Sheila enjoyed how it seemed to ‘bond the family’ during the early 2010’s and had her home made a Crown Dependency in 2014, changing it’s name in 2015. It’s status was vague until it was included in the Act of Annexation and Territory Status 2019, where it was officially made a Crown Dependency.

Due to it’s low population and connection to the royal family, the Town was granted an exemption from the usual election rules.

As of 2019, it is now the warmest part of Lytera, a good degree higher then the Greater Cavendish area.

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