The King dissolves Parliament and takes on Supreme Authority until next Election.

In a shock move to combat the severe lack of political action and infighting, King Alexander has dissolved Parliament and the Council until an election can be held on July 1st, 2020, effectively giving him Absolute Power. The edict reads as follows:

“We proclaim to all Our faithful subjects:

The Parliament and Council, which we convened, was called upon to restore order in Lytera following last years protests over lack of representation, to create laws, and represent the people, has failed.

To our dismay, a substantial part of the membership of the parliament didn’t do their jobs. There have been no laws proposed, the Royalist governing body is splitting at the seams, and the opposition have done nothing. They are insistent on power which they do not deserve.

When our government brought this up with them, they merely laughed. The LDA threaten a revolt every time they get bypassed, yet propose nothing. The RPL infight and can’t agree. The LNP break Lyteran Law, and the other parties with no electoral powers clamour for it.

All of this moved us to dissolve the First Lyteran Parliament by executive order to the Council of May 30th; the new Parliament is to be convened on July 1st of this year.

If the new parliament and council fail to achieve the aims that they want, and the aims that we want, we shall look into the views on if a Parliament is necessary. “

-His Holy Royal Highness Alexander I, King of all the Lyterans.

His Royal Highness has also decreed that by royal rights of powers that he is taking control of the Royalist Party of Lytera directly to stop the political infighting over the throne due to 2019’s succession reshuffle.

What this means for Lytera is as of yet unknown, but if the elected government cannot get itself sorted once the next election is over, it may not last for a third attempt.

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