Lyteran Coat of Arms Redesigned & Order of Cavendish Awarded

The Lyteran coat of arms has been redesigned by the Lyteran Royal Family to make them more culturally linked to Lytera and the Royal Family’s history. This redesign extends to the new Royal Standard as well, though does not have a Armorial achievement variant. The official explanation for this is the fact that it isn’t needed, and that Lytera doesn’t have any professional artists that’d make it presentable. Nevertheless, the system of whom gets a coat of arms was decided by the King, if the claimant applies:

“Personal standards which are variants of the Imperial Standard may be used as personal heraldic banners by the Heir to the Throne, siblings of the Monarch, all descendants of the Monarch, Anyone with the style of His/Her Royal Highness, the spouse, parents, and grandparents of the Monarch, and any abdicated Monarchs.”

The King’s personal variant of the Coat of Arms is the same as the National one. The shield is divided into four quadrants. The second and third quadrants represent the Kingdom and are comprised of the Lyteran Eagle, a longstanding symbol of the nation.; the first quadrant represents the Kingdom of Normandy, of which the Royal Family are descended from; the fourth quadrant is comprised of the former coat of arms of the region of Middlesex, which Lytera originated in – while no longer in existence, the term is often used. Lastly, a white inescutcheon represents the purity of the nation and a standing for peace.

The king has decreed for any additional personalised standards, all additions are to remain inside the white inescutcheon.

In addition, the Lyteran government is shocked at the passing of Nicholas Randouler, Prince of Posaf and a friend of King Alexander. The Lyteran News doesn’t feel it’s the right body to really go into details on his passing, but the King has posthumously awarded him the Viscount of the Order of Alexander, the first awarding of the award and the first of the Order of Cavendish given to a non-citizen. If he were still with us, this would’ve given him the title of Viscount in Lytera, but alas, he is not. Alexander said in a statement over his passing:

“I’m so sorry to hear […]. Nick was a fun guy to hang around with, and his love of voss water and the jokes everyone (including himself) made about it will be missed. His work on the sister cities project showed how much of a helpful guy he was, and I know from talks with him that he planned to do so much more for both old and new community members, which I say we should still try and keep doing, or do in the case of his ideas, in honour of his memory. My condolences, and that of the people of Lytera, to Posaf and his family”

We’ll all raise a glass of voss water to you, Nick. We miss you deeply.

“…don’t let sadness go on autopilot, [for] you are the true pilot in this ride called life.”

-Nicholas Cordrey to Zarel Smith, 2020

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