Workers of Lytera, unite!

As the election looms ever closer, a new competition to the Centralist Royalists and and Right Wing LDA has arisen – The Workers Alliance.

Created in response to reports of the military planning to back a LDA coup (of which reports are unconfirmed but being looked into due to the military’s neutrality in politics),the LWCP, LSD and SPL uniting have come as a surprise to many.

Reactions have been mixed – The Royalists have welcomed the challenge, but reports say that aside from the King, they’re not taking it seriously. The King, meanwhile, has said he will remain diplomatically neutral if they do win.

In contrast, leader of the opposition, Matthew, called it an intentional move, and after muttering about the military, announced he was seeking an alliance with the LNP – ironically almost proving the WA’s point.

So, who will win? Who will lose? And will Lytera’s monarchy be endangered? We’ll all find out in a week.

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