Royalist Majority in Parliament, New Royal Baby

The Royalist party smashed an election that less then a week ago was thought to be a battle of extremes, but with an effective counter strategy to stop the country descending into civil war, proposed by Lytera’s close ally Cycoldia, the election was a relatively peaceful one, with his majesty acting as an interim Prime Minister until his party can elect someone to the position.

With the Armed Forces suspended from service, proposals in the Royalist Party have discussed doing away with the idea of having an armed forces at all. Citing Liechtenstein as inspiration, the proposal would keep a national police, but leave the armed forces up to their larger neighbours. Such an act would reduce the risk of a internal revolt, but leave the state open to foreign threats.

Lastly, the Royal Family is pleased to announce the birth of HRH Princess Aofie, fifth in line for the throne. This raises the citizenship of Lytera from 36 to 37.

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