Lytera during the Summer

Lytera’s online and real-life presence has diminished over the Summer, largely due to the Coronavirus. The government deadlock, whilst solved, has had little to rule on, and the only real change has been to borders, with the first overseas annexation of land. The town of Amorbahia has been founded in Iberia – It has been a getaway for the royal family for a few years, with the main branch – the House of Banks, using it on occasion. Due to members of the family being there more and more (the home being owned by a member of the Royal Family), the decision was made to annex it officially to act as a “Windsor Castle” for the Royals – a place to get away to.

Whilst the Reynolds side of the family frequents the area often, the Banks side has visited only once, with plans to return in 2020 being postponed due to coronavirus. It is the warmest part of Lytera, and the furthest south. It is made up of two exclaves – the home, and the shared garden out the back, which is being treated as de-facto part of the country. With this new home, 2 new citizens have joined, though they only live there for 6 months of the year, raising the population to 39. The new acquisition of land (182 m) leaves Lytera’s total size at 28850 meters squared. Unlike previous cities, a Royal Proclamation was used citing the fact that a council meeting was impossible at present.

Amorbahia is close to Mount Calamorro, the highest mountain climbed by a Lyteran Monarch, which stands at 771 meters tall. Whilst the Mountain isn’t controlled by Lytera, it was ceremoniously claimed in 2018 after the Royal Family reached the top.

Aside from acquiring new lands, Lytera celebrated it’s 3rd official founding on the 19th of August, and the anniversary of the end of the Civil War three days later. The civil war is still a cold spot in Lyteran history, and Duke Matthew, former King, argued with the monarch over the whole celebration.

As September draws nearer to us, and COVID lockdown eases, the Lyteran Government aims to focus on the building work at St. Cavendish, which, whilst not making the City any bigger, will redistribute land inside it.

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