Lytera disbands the Armed Forces

Picture: The Flag of the Lyteran Police Force

Following in the footsteps of nations like Liechtenstein, Costa Rica and Panama, Lytera has abolished the Imperial Army, Airforce and Navy. The reasons given were largely similar to those in Costa Rica – The rampant corruption and political influence they held.

Having been suspended from service since July, the Armed Forces have been replaced by the Police Force of Lytera, headed by Thomas Q, the sibling of the head of the Social Democrats. In addition, the Pink Berets, former marines and special ops, have become the State Intelligence Service, though still hold their marine status. The Police’s duties involve law enforcement, border patrols, keeping public order and investigating crimes. (Gendarmerie)

The Armed Forces had long been a part of Lyteran Politics, and could be argued as the reason for such bitter relations, leading into the idea that violent revolution continues to keep violence as a means for power. Indeed, the first action of the Army was to kick King Matthew off the throne, and ever since has been a thorn in the Monarch’s side.

The Pink Berets, headed by Izzy L as Director, under the Minister for Justice Toby Q. should ensure a peaceful Lytera to allow the nation to focus on diplomacy and peaceful expansion instead of the warmongering policies of Duke Matthew and the LDA.


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