November Crisis Over – Principality of Pelkesa Established

The November crisis that gripped the nation for the past two days, is over. Duke Matthew has been removed of all his positions in the nation in order to found his own – Pelkesa, nearby.

The Principality of Pelkesa is a protected state under Lyteran partial control – the two have a monetary union, and Lytera is responsible for its foreign policy and defence. The move comes after Duke Matthew’s fourth attempted coup in two years, and is designed to prevent it happening again.

In the Badger accords, the Odyssey territory, long considered for Lyteran annexation, was instead annexed by Pelkesa. The city, a mere two minute walk from Lytera’s capital, is uninhabited, but has several man-made structures.

The establishment of the Principality marks the first time since 2016 that multiple members have existed as part of the Ruislip Tetrarchy, and brings the membership of the London sector back up to 7, having lost New Eiffel earlier this year due to its dissolution.


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