The 14 Point Programme Unveiled

Alex I and the Lyteran Parliament have today announced their intents for 2021 – the key aims and goals for the year, divided into five key categories. Expansion, Culture, Diplomacy, Government and Miscellaneous.

Integrate the Crown Dependency of Peipa.
Look at potential claims in the surrounding area of Greater Cavendish.

Diplomatic trip to Canada
Diplomatic trip to Europe

Help Pelkesa until they can be self-sufficient.
Officially recognise more GUM member states.
Attend a proposed 2021 GUM Summit.
Explore London and potentially visit the Kingdom of the Grove and Kingdom of Copan. Go Harass Austenasia to.

Justice and Government
Define a clear constitution for Lytera
Establish an official Judicary that is to be politically neutral
Hold an election in April (Athenion) for the Parliament
Establish a Space Agency
Establish a Geographical Agency

Finish recording and editing The Battle For Lytera II

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