LUNA Founded, Lytera joins the “Micronational Space Race”

6 Apollion 2528
Above, the Patch sent to space thanks to MrBeast.

In another smash win for the government of Lytera, another of the 14 points has been completed with the founding of a space agency – LUNA (Lyteran Unexplored National Agency). Whilst primarily focused on space, the agency has acknowledged Lytera’s limited space for exploring up due to it’s heavily urbanised location, and that instead it would also focus on parts of the Earth that remained unexplored, such as the sea floor (20%) and Antarctica, which whilst completely mapped is a scientific hub of knowledge.

Originally scheduled for later in the year and to be mostly online due to aforementioned lack of space for physical launches, the creation was sped up and pushed through by a royal decree after MrBeast announced a image deal where an image could be sent to the moon. A patch was quickly drafted and resulted in Lytera’s first spending of 2021 – $10 for the image – a small price to pay.

This has resulted in Lytera joining what has been dubbed by some as a Micronational Space Race to the Moon. Ever since the Commonwealth of Essexia and the Empire of Aenopia created the AAA (which LUNA has requested to join) earlier last month after both nations increased rocket launches throughout 2019 and 2020 there has been a revival of space exploration, which whilst a staple of micronationalism was mainly confined to simulation games. Lytera is the third as of yet known nation to be on the Perigrine lander, with Essexia securing a place on the 24th of January (25 Aph) and Aenopia on the 30th of January (5 Apo). These three nations, along with any more who join, will join the ranks of nations and organisations such as the Soviet Union, the United States, Japan, the European Space Agency, China, India, Luxembourg, and Israel in mounting a mission to the Moon.

In other news, Alex has requested a private memorial to High Regnant Marion, who loved space almost as they do, as part of a /r/Space initiative. No confirmation of it’s acceptance has yet been given but considering space still exists the Kingdom holds hope and will update this when known.

The Kingdom of Lytera will update the citizens of Lytera and the greater micronational community on updates relating to the Peregrine mission.

Below – The logo of LUNA.

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