Royalists and SD form Diarchy Government

2 Hermeion 2528

The Social Democrat party and Royalists have formed a coalition government officially, having informally been in one since the last election. The decision to form the “Darjeeling Diarchy”, named after the Tea and the character from the show “Girls Und Panzer”, which, conveniently, both party leaders were drinking and watching when they created the alliance, respectively.

This coalition is all but confirmed to win the upcoming election – with 19 seats of 21 in parliament, they hold electoral dominance, which has been scrutinized by the other parties. Rumours of the parties adapting a socialist stance to government is unconfirmed, but possible, according to rumours.

In other news, a rewrite of the Lyteran Anthem has been confirmed, which marks it’s first change since conception.


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