Elections Confirmed for Athenion (April)

7 Hermeion 2528

When will the elections be?

The elections will take place on the 12th of April 2021 (21 Athenion) , and polls open at 7am, and will close at 9pm.

Anyone who is a Citizen or Honorary can vote in the nation-wide elections.

Who is running?

The Darjeeling Diarchy has confirmed it’s running, and as the largest coalition, is expected to pick up a decent amount of seats. The Greens, Nationalists and Weebs have as well. The Jingoists, as of yet, haven’t, though the growth since last election could mean more parties are made.

How do I vote?

First, you have to be a citizen or honorary. You can apply for this on the Lyteran Website in the honorary citizen section. The voter list for honorary will be emailed on the day.

How do Elections work?

Unlike many countries, people don’t stand for an individual seat – each are national. Voting is done using the D’hondt method. Seats are the divided out equally based on the percentage of votes, with 20 seats up for grabs, the final reserved for the Monarchs. Once elections are over, the council is reshuffled based on the PM’s views along with the Monarchs. Candidates are selected party wise based on a list decided by Party leaders.

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