Lyteran parliament declares Chinese treatment of Uighurs a genocide

19 March 2021
24 Hermeion 2528

Lytera has recognised the ongoing genocide in Xinjiang after a forced bill by the Social Democratic Party, supported by all parties. Governments around the world — alongside Uighur campaigners and international experts — report that the PRC has put as many as 1 million Uighur people into detention camps and used their forced labor in the country’s global supply chains. They also report that the PRC have used forced sterilizations, brain-washing and have reports of the destruction of mosques.

Lytera joins many fellow micronations in recognising the genocide, alongside the Canadian, American and Dutch governments. Dutch MP Sjoerd Sjoerdsma stated the following:

“The detention camps where it is estimated that more than 1 million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are locked up are so big that you can see them from space,” Calling the encampment “the largest mass incarceration of ethnic minorities since World War II.”

Lytera has never recognised the PRC government, recognising the Republic of China instead, referring to the PRC as either its abbreviation or the “Mainland/Beijing Government.” In addition, Lytera attacked the Disney corporation in the act, stating that their filming in the region and thanking of the perpetrators set a dangerous precedent, and brought up the previous racism under Walt Disney in particular as evidence of Disney’s shortcomings, warning that a return to these attitudes and brushing them off under the rug in an era of entertainment is a terrible move. Whilst the Darjeeling Diarchy and Greens supported it, wider support from smaller parties has been mixed, with the LNP and WRP choosing to not comment. When reached out to, Prince Matthew of Pelkesa, Lytera’s neighbouring supervised state, agreed fully.

When asked his personal view, Alex echoed the comments of many, stating that this was a repeat of events that have happened previously and that “Accepting it as ‘the norm’ is a dangerous move”, before going on to joke that they’d probably be arrested if they ever stepped foot in Mainland China if they discovered their views on the Xinjiang camps.

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