Clubhausian Affair – Darjeeling Diarchy in Hot Water

1 Athenion 2528

Reports of Darjeeling Officials debating the status of Clubhausia have struck a nerve with traditionalists after saying that the province was a “bygone relic” and useless to the state, despite Lytera’s interest in keeping the region clean. The incident follows the discovery that those claiming to be cleaning it hadn’t been after a surprise visit from Alex on Saturday.

This has caused a huge rift in the state, with Alex surprisingly against his own party due to their apparent lack of concern over Lyteran culture, which is a key and popular part of the country. The largest opponents are the Haywardian faction, who have repeatedly lost influence and fallen out with the party in recent years. In response, the Monarch has taken the risky move of standing less royalists for more social democrats in the Diarchy. The faction is far more militaristic then the main branch, and grew from around 2016 onwards, though has been a quiet presence, growing quietly, with enough members to, in theory, break the diarchy if they were to stand. Whilst Alex is trying to act civilly, Toby, the current vice-chair of the diarchy, has been far more critical with his outspoken opposition to the Haywardians, calling them the equivalent of “HYDRA growing within SHIELD”, a reference to the popular MCU.

Whether this results in the collapse of the Diarchy, Royalist party or nothing at all remains to be seen, but once again, Alex finds themselves at odds with their own party meant to support them – if a monarchist party doesn’t support it’s monarch, can that really call itself a monarchist party?

Edit: Rumours that the Haywardian faction have officially created their own party have been disproven, though reports of a movement growing are being monitored by the Pink Berets.

Current TRLN predictions, 23/03/21

DD – 14
LNP – 2
GPL – 3
WPL – 1

Outcome: Diarchy Victory, potential for a LSD-Majority.

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