Kingdom of Wessex restored!

10 Athenion 2528

After visiting Ruislip Lido and ignoring warning of the water being polluted, TRM Alex swam the entire length of the Lido and discovered a strange old woman who proclaimed them “Monarch of all of Wessex” and, a-la the Hex from hit marvel show “Wandavision” reverted everything that would’ve been in Wessex’s borders back to how they would’ve looked in 920….

[Editor’s Note: Whilst Based in Amorbahia a carrier Pidgeon landed and said we had to write in Anglo-Saxon or we’d be executed. Just uh, use your brain]

Ongêanweard wordfæst 920 smiððe, Alex æwe wýscan seldlic gûðweard wîflic swâðêana tîma for−m¯æl wiðforan ons¯æge Scotland ðe ðone as heolstorhof of ðæge pro. English is nûna Anglo-Saxon from ðone as drûsian is sôðlic a nicor tôhwon is prættig cealdnes.

Verb duguð graðul râd ûser werm¯ægð sweorcan”gumrîce râd Wessex – wealdgenga crêda Valhalla”. Mid London hwîlu hrycg birihte it’s 920s sweotolian duguð ðêodcyning conquered hîe for ðâm ðe dêaðcwylmende Boris ufan campung. Samðe in phrase samðsamð æghwæðer ge sê tôweardnes, we ontihtinginswôgan Normandy settan ðrêawian 1066.

ôs hreddan ðone as cynewyrðe æðelu.

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