Darjeeling Diarchy wins Election, LSDP gets a majority.

The elections in Lytera have come to an end, and everyone quietly wonders what will happen. The LSDP won a majority of seats, getting one more then their coalition partner. Meanwhile, the Haywardian faction, citing the defeat, have left the Royalists, forcing the standing of less council members.

Whilst the Monarch’s own seat technically balances out the coalition, their own growing opposition with the royalists means that Lytera is likely faced with a rocky road ahead, especially with the upcoming exams that will take up most of the senior cabinet officials times. In addition, the fact independents did so well, all moderate politicians, means that, in theory, the LSD dominate the coalition through threat – it’s entirely possible that they might move to form an alliance instead with the Greens.

Unlike usual, owing to the uncertainty on the council, the twitter account of the nation broadcast the results first. However, the Royal Lyteran News is proud to announce the council positions. Whilst some seats have gone to the Green and LSD Parties, respectively, the Royalists still dominate, largely in part to Royal intervention.

The first order of business, as expected, is to finalise the issue of the last Crown Dependency, and to implement the point policies agreed last year. With tensions still high and the royalists on the decline, one wonders how far the country will go along with the LSDP.

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