Ayrinbrooke and Greater Tannerburg founded

2 Dionysion 2528

The former Crown Dependency of Peipa was today annexed by Lytera as the Town of Ayrinbrooke. It comes as part of a process to incorporate crown dependencies (Areas inhabited by the Royal Family but not in Lytera properly) which began in 2019, and is the final one to be annexed.

Placed under the oversight of Princess Ayra, whom the town was named after and who organised the Congress of Brooke on April 7th, the town is to have elections every four years.

The Crown Dependency had existed since 2012, though moved location in 2016. It’s the first town to be directly under the control of a prince or princess, not counting the monarch’s control over St. Cavendish. In addition, the proximity between Baknsburg and Ayrinbrooke has created the second province, Greater Tannerburg, named after the nearby Tanner’s Brook river. Said province is under the administration of HRH the Crown Prince Owen.

Below: The flags of Ayrinbrooke and Greater Tannerburg


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