Royal Trip to Scotland, Constitution begins drafting, Royal Meeting to be held.

15 Poseidon 2529.

A royal trip to Scotland marked the first proper royal trip since 2019, with the Royal Family visiting Scottish Royal sites such as Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. After some stagnation in May, the Kingdom is once again back on it’s feet, with new territory annexations being discussed.

TRM Alex I will embark on a trip to Baknsburg and Ayrinbrooke later this week to discuss the new constitution of Lytera, which has begun drafting, in person with members of the line of succession. The new constitution hopes to be more uniform and defined then the previous acts, which acted on a uncodified basis.

In addition, the monarch has once again been elected as a GUM Secretary for development, promising to improve not only Lytera but other nations through a new project proposal which as of yet is unannounced. Lastly, the government have been observing the situation in New Virginia, a delay in communications meaning they were only aware of the situation mere hours before President Kennedy resigned today. Whilst the situation is still unresolved, Lytera is patiently observing and willing to offer support, though hasn’t stated which side it intends to back as of yet.


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