Constitution Passed, Glasionad annexed by Lytera, creation of Greater Marionia

Above: The flag of Marionia
16 Zeusion 2529

The past few days have seen a major shakeup of Lyteran politics with the passing of the new constitution. Having been planned since the Point Programme announced last year, drafting began in July and was finished in August, being signed off in person by TRM Alex I, HRH Crown Prince Owen and HRH Princess Ayra, with Prince Matthew of Pelkesa, HRH King Father Michael, HH Princess Pamela, HRH Queen Mother Karen and Viscount Graham also in attendance. The meeting was done informally at Victoria Embankment Gardens, and the royal family brought tea and cakes afterwards, giving the meeting the informal nickname of the “Victoria Accords”.

In addition, The monarch pardoned all members of the banned LDA, Syndicalist and Communist parties, allowing figures such as Nathan Steer, Thomas Jaymes and Kane, controversial politicians, back into the potential political field. None have as of yet announced anything, and the pardon was seen as a symbolic fresh start.

Secondly, Glasionad was finally annexed by Lytera, the occasion having been planned for a few months but delayed due to the constitution and other outside factors. The name comes from conjoining the Irish words for Green and Center, referencing the heavy greenery of the area. The town has three people, and is controlled by HRH Princess Siobhan.

Lastly, the creation of Glasionad has created another Province, Greater Marionia, controlled by HH Prince Robert, named after HRM HR Marion, who in the last years of her life lived at Leamsbury, which makes up the new province alongside Glasionad. Neither of these changes affect the citizen count, as all citizens were already citizens of Lytera.

Lastly, a new comedy show has been announced by the RLBC after a successful pilot – Countryballs Unleashed is a political satire/black comedy show based on the current micronational events, usually revolving around the GUM and Microwiki. A successful pilot was warmly received, and so the company has decided to create a full blown series of at least six episodes, not including the pilot.


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