Lytera annexes Alieway

As of the 10th of May, the disputed Alieway area has been annexed by Lytera.

While the area had been apart of Lytera since it’s founding, Lytera didn’t have the resources to manage the entire area, and so only exercised jurisdiction on the northern end of it. Plans to occupy the rest of the duchy, which is ruled by Duchess Helen, were put into motion at the beginning of May.

The Lyteran Airforce and Army conducted a joint pacification of the area, cleaning parts of the more dirty areas of the region, and planting the Lyteran flag at the tri-intersection.

For his efforts in assisting the army, Rekrut Joe of the 16th Fighter Squadron was promoted to
Flugzeugmann (Aircraftman).

As a result of the full annexation of the Territory under the Alieway Act, Lytera has grown by almost Quintuple it’s original size. (See picture, original territory in Blue)

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