A Second Vote

Crisis has broken out amongst the Lyteran Council after the OAM passed a law stating that:
” no OAM member state or Observer State may hold membership in GUM at the same time as the OAM. The GUM is are largest rival in regards to Micronational organizations and we do not wish to have members acting on both parties… GUM Observer states will be allowed to maintain membership but full members must either resign from the GUM or the OAM”

While Lytera is currently only a observer of the GUM, the restriction of freedom has rocked the Lyteran people’s view on the organisation. With the previous vote on membership having a marginal abstain vote a mere week ago, many of these non voters have been swayed towards the Leave side of the vote.

At an emergency meeting conducted at 3:30 AM BST on the 25th, attended by a significant amount of the council, the Duke of Shedland once again suggested leaving, and to thunderous cheers, the King agreed to hold a snap vote on the matter for Friday the 26th.

Duke Matthew cited the prevalent ‘memey’ nature of formal channels, with the Poll channel having Soviet and NatSoc flags posted in, and other memes, as just once example. He also cited the disaster that was the planning of the 2019 Phokland games. Duke Matthew remarked that:

“The OAM’s reputation has gone from a friendly new group for micronations to get established to an elitist group, the same as they claim the GUM to be. Sure, before the reforms, the discord was a bit less formal, but when you’re dealing with people who’ve just joined the micronational community, you have to be, to show them the ropes. All you see nowadays is the argument of ‘OAM Good, GUM bad.'” Matthew remarked, before homing in his speech on the Tsardom of Phokland. “It amazes me how even with deadlines pushed back, you were unable to organise a simple little international games, even with deadlines pushed back, yet have the time to, along with the other high ranking OAM states, complain constantly over the GUM. “

The king declined to comment on his own views on the matter, but stated simply that:

“I feel it’s a shame that we are voting again so soon. The stance change on the GUM has been swift, and many in my nation feel that this swiftness is detrimental to Lyteran development.”

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