Matthew framed!

Shock in Lytera, as supposed criminal mastermind Matthew revealed today he was framed, with proof being provided.

The court case, with King Alexander acting as Judge, revealed that a British citizen known only as ‘Nathan’ was behind the proposed plot, having blackmailed Matthew and the Military into helping him.

The government has seen it fit to release their operation plan officially due to this, and has restored Duke Matthew’s titles, but not his lands. However, his seat on the royal council has been restored.

Operation Fall Karminrot (Case Crimson) was the removal of Matthew from power after the Pink Berets, Lytera’s infamous spying and military division, discovered messages from Matthew to the army, talking about a coup to place a communist military government in-charge of Lytera.

While the Operation was a success, the fact the wrong man was blamed and framed by a non-citizen has shocked the capital. The Army and Airforce are remaining suspended to make sure they weren’t in league with ‘Nathan’, but will be back up and running sooner then planned.

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