Duke Matthew Arrested on Charges of Treason

Lytera has been thrown into political turmoil. The Autonomous Region of Shedland, Annexed. Duke Matthew, in prison with his titles removed. The Military, crippled to an extent. All over a reported coup.

Matthew and Alex’s relations had worsened since August of 2019, and the King grew more distrustful of his sibling. On the 13th of October, the King discovered from an unknown source that a coup was being planned by Matthew, with possible support from the military. This ‘Octoberist Plot’ planned to put a communist military junta in charge of Lytera.

The King acted swiftly, drawing up an emergency plan, which has been promised to be made public no later then December 31st of this year, and contacting Emperor Logan I of Aenopia to secure the Lyteran-Aenopian deal would back his government, and not a rebel government.

On the 15th of October, after a trip to Westminster (To be covered in a later post) The King marched into Shedland, where Matthew was alone, working on Lytera’s ‘Tank’, merely a toy car you can sit on. The King announced his titles and land had been revoked and that he was to be placed under arrest, and asked if he had any objections. Matthew declined to comment and left Shedland as ordered, returning to the Imperial Household.

The King signed the first Emergency Proclamation afterwards, bypassing the council. This commented on the charges against Matthew, and announced that the Army and Airforce would be suspended from service until an investigation into corruption was completed. The Navy and Special Division ‘The Pink Berets’ Were spared due to their small size and known loyalty to the King.

The King remarked:

“Having my brother once again plot against me is a horrible blow in this otherwise amazing year for our nation. Rest be assured, he will be trialed this time with no leniency, and these ‘Octoberists’ In league with him will be dealt with. I never supported the military buildup proposed by him, but agreed when he remarked on how many citizens it could bring in. I now see it was a way to make an army loyal to him, not to the state or the people. His left wing, authoritarian politics have reared their head to strike, and if not for our spies, I may not be here right now. Henceforth, I am shutting down the production of the Mark I Armoured Tank, and suspending the Army and Airforce til this corruption can be stamped out.

-King Alexander I

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