First Proper Snow hits capital in 8 years, second expedition undertaken.

24 Aphroditeon 2528 AAC

The Lyteran Geographical Society undertook its second exploration to Ruislip Woods, taking a different route through the northern route, henceforth nicknamed the “Great Northern Walk.” Taking the bridleway north, the society was bogged down by the depth of mud, but got ice cream to make up for it. On this lesser known path, they saw far more, such as Robins, and even discovered a partially built construction in the middle of the woods, named Fortress Inquisitorious.

25 Aphroditeon 2528 AAC

For the first time since 2013, heavy snowfall has hit Greater Cavendish. Whilst snow hits Leamsbury often, snowfall of this level hasn’t been seen for a long time in the capital region, owing to global warming. Clubhausia and Mooreshire faced similar levels, as did the neighbouring Principality of Pelkesa. Baknsburg also experienced snow, but far less.

TRM Alex I and Prince Matthew of Pelkesa collaborated to create a snowman dubbed “Boris Johnson” – aptly named due to how many times it almost toppled over. Topped with a carrot for a cock, a reference to the popular christmas song, “Carrot for a Cock” by the Yogscast, Boris resides in Alieway. Wether he’ll do a better job watching over the alley instead of the country remains to be seen.

Snowfall is expected to continue for the next few days, so time will tell if he topples over, or if he becomes stronger due to this.

EDIT: By 16:15 UTC, Boris had toppled over. Guess he wasn’t up to the job.


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