Jansenburg Founded – RPL Split ends, the chaotic Dionysion month comes to an end

1 Aresion 2528

A new Barony was today annexed as the Barony of Jansenburg. It formerly housed members of the formerly existing army, who were honorary citizens.

Placed under the oversight of Baron Aidan, a longstanding supporter of the Kingdom, the total land area is now 29380 m² and the population is 44. As a Barony, elections are not mandatory, and it is now a part of Greater Cavendish.

In addition, the Haywardian split between the factions in the Royalists has ended in a deal on stricter laws, which has caused content with the Social Democrats, who oppose it. The deal was brokered by TRM Alex himself in an arrangement that has not been publicised yet. In addition, new titles were handed out to citizens, honorary citizens and diplomats.

As a bonus, one off holiday for the stressful Dionysion month, which has caused a lot of stress for many in the nation, the 4th of Aresion will be a bonus, one off “Mental Health Day” to relax and take time to yourself – proposals to make a permanent mental health awareness day are currently under debate in parliament.

When asked to comment on the current situation in Gaza, the monarch declined to comment, as have the Diarchy.

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